The touch, the feel of brown paper bags

Recently our company has decided to hire a sales agent to help push our business.  He is well connected and very professional.   In order for him to do his job effectively he needs the materials to be able to sell our services.

Step one is creating a portfolio of some of the graphic designs that we’ve done.  We only had one on our website but now there is something we have in print as well as pdf format.  I have to say this is my first portfolio that’s actually designed with thought and understanding of what I have learned these past years.

I thought the portfolio should have a uniform theme through out.  Who wants to see a bunch of pictures on a plain white background?  For some reason I pictured a brown wrinkled paper for the cover.  It reminds me of packages and the brown paper bags you used to get your groceries bagged in.  I love the way those bags feel and the texture of them.   With that texture I also used a wrinkled white paper look  which also gives the area a nice contrast.

I’m really happy with the finished product.  There’s nothing more satisfying than stepping back and admiring your work when you are finished.  I think you can be your own worst critic and maybe even your own biggest fan.

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