Fringe Fights Reloaded

We are now RELOADED:

Laredo Fights Reloaded Spoof

This is a spoof off of a Youtube video that has become popular in Laredo.  It’s all in good fun and uses a lot of sayings that you’d find in the video.  I guess it’s like an inside joke.

The whole thing was actually more difficult than I thought it would be to create.  The first thing I made was the graffiti Fringe logo.  I looked up some graffiti art and tried my best to make an imitation. I found a really good site full of great graffiti art.    The other thing I found difficult was the images of the cars.  There was a lot of tweaking I had to do to get the right perspective. I spent hours messing with blend modes, touch up deletions, and layering.  I didn’t want things too look too real.  The look of it reminds me of a hip hop poster.

This is just one of many more to come and I hope people from Laredo can find the humor in this.  If I offend anybody, well too bad.  I don’t want to call up my esquinas (back up) and roll up 20 deep black and white cars on you. haha

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