Vacations, destinations, and absurdity

Boredom often leads to silly things.  This is my motto at least through the late night hours.  Sooo… I wanted to photoshop something but as of late my mind feels drained of all inspiration.  When you look for it that’s when it becomes elusive and then when you are not thinking about it inspiration will come to you in droves like past crushes who like you now because you have a girlfriend.  Predictable.  So I decided to share with all of you lucky few a few photos of my past vacations.  Here goes:

I remember this vacation I sort of ran with the bulls.  I waited for a gun shot fired up in the air..a “on your mark, get set, go!”, or somebody yelling “ruuun!” but nobody did and so I got a late start as you can see.  I just kinda look like a dee uh bull caught in the headlights.  Either way it wasn’t a very fun trip.  What nobody tells you about running with the bulls is that if you lag behind, you have to dodge the bull’s “cow pies” and that my friend is not a fun as whipped cream pies to the face.  Onward!

So I got a chance to attend the royal wedding.  I really do hate weddings and I never know what to wear so I decided to go “business casual.”  I got lost on the way to the reception but then I saw a group of familiar people who I had seen at the church.  I felt much more comfortable riding with these two and we actually had a lot in common.  I bet you’ll never guess what. Yes, we’re all single!  We couldn’t figure out why tho. Oh well.

I got a chance to see the Stanley Cup finals and I was in for a surprise.  I got caught in the middle of a crazy riot, all because the Bruins lost.  I thought Canadians were supposed to be friendly ey.   Either way I was on my way back to my hotel trying to escape the Canadian storm troopers when I almost tripped over these two.  Boy did I feel like a third wheel.

And that’s it for my vacation photos… at least for now.

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