Inspiration from the song Mundo En Fuego by Este Vato




This was inspired by the band Este Vato and a couple of their songs. ( Mundo En Fuego & Quemadura )  The lyrics to Mundo En Fuego are really good.  They talk about the world and its flaws dealing with energy and economic issues.  The song says we are all responsible for how this world is and that we all contribute.  Both songs really rock and not only is it great music but they deliver real messages.  This is my tribute to the band and the songs.

The design itself actually took me a lot less time than I thought.  I think all of this practicing on photoshop has made me more efficient at getting my designs right the first time.  I was listening to Mundo en Fuego when I just got a flash in my brain.  The foundation for the design was born and as I was rummaging through the kitchen looking for lunch I thought to myself “yeah, that’s what I’ll work on today.” So I started with the earth and had the idea of a flame engulfed Earth with some gear cogs.  I also wanted to tie in the world’s appetite for fossil fuels and I thought of adding the fuel pump spewing gas up into the band’s name.   I think the design came together really nice and I am really happy with the results and I hope the band is too.

You can find Este Vato on Facebook

You can also find Fringe Web Studios on Facebook




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