To Infinity and Beyond!

Recently we acquired a new client who hired us to make a graphic for his company.  The company is pretty impressive and the owner used to work for NASA.  Adrian, the other half of Fringe Web Studios, got to see the NASA uniform.  I’m somewhat jealous now.  This is just the first of a series of projects for them and I hope they are more than pleased with our work.   Our graphic will be used in media directed at members of the House of Representatives to promote nano technology and green technology.    That’s pretty cool and I haven’t thought about it till this moment.  All those people are going to view a graphic that I designed.  🙂

I had 1 day to work on it so it was a rush job.  I did spend many hours working on it and revising it.  There is always something about my work that never sits quite right.  I have to step back and look at it from different angles or stop working on it for a bit and then come back to it until its perfect.   It’s 3 in the morning and I feel tired and yet accomplished.  I wish I could post the design to share with everybody but I can’t.

It’s been a creative day for me tho and I’m glad the juices are flowing.  I’m also working on a little side art project.  I’ve bought a plethora of power tools  in the past couple of months to prepare for some woodworking art projects.  A few Etsy vendors have inspired me to start creating the things I’ve pictured in my head ever since I’ve started browsing that website.  Its a great site to buy handmade and vintage things and if you haven’t heard of it you should check it out.  I recovered from my ebay addiction only to have it replaced by an etsy addiction.


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