My Facebook in your face

Sometimes while feeding the addiction that is Facebook, I have random, silly conversations that I feel are really funny.  It’s been a secret dream of mine to be a comedian.  To some people that may sound like an easy thing to do.  They think well if you are funny then you could be one.  The truth is that it’s really hard to be a good comedian.  They are true masters of observing and then communicating their thoughts into what is stand up comedy.  Although I do believe I’m a funny guy, I don’t think I’m quite ready to attempt stand up of any kind but I do occasionally do  small bits throughout my facebook comments.  So I decided today to start a collection and share them on here, on the fringe, in your face, from my

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2 Responses to My Facebook in your face

  1. Convincing your son that he is Jesus…. Nice!

    • ambroselerma says:

      yes! I mean then he’ll have the confidence to do anything in life… and hopefully he won’t convince anybody to drink magic koolaide but all things considering I think it’s a good plan.

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