So our recently launched website has received positive reviews.   It’s been so much work keeping everything updated and with it has come a never ending string of updates and things to do.  Nobody has told us how to run a web publication but we are really good at research and promotion.

San Antonio is ok and I haven’t really gone out yet which is completely opposite of the life I had in Laredo.  There is so much to do yet I haven’t done anything and it’s a shame.  I’m trying to find inspirations for everything.  I want to create and now I have to really divide my time with my current projects.

I’ve decided to work on a project that I will put up for sale on as soon as I complete it.  I’m a graphic designer and still attending classes.  The inspiration for my project comes from pixels.  Being a pixel pusher I figured why not take the title literally.  I’m starting out with 1″x 1″ poplar and sawing them at different heights.  Half way through sawing I realized that I should have gone with a bigger size as it will take 144 pieces to make something that is 1ftx1ft.  Sooo… I need to find a solution.   Either way the project will take me a few weeks to complete and I will post up a picture as soon as I can.

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