shirts, tees, and cafe press

Sooooo…. I recently read an article on yahoo about how to make a little extra money during the holidays.  It had some tips I’ve read before such as and ebay but it mentioned a site that allowed you to create designs and sell shirts and other products through their site.  The site is of course

I was excited about the idea.  I mean I am studying graphic design and I am an artist.  I have digital designs already so I figured why not start with that.  I logged into cafe press and uploaded a few designs.  I also created a couple of designs just for fun.  By the end of the night I had 5 designs up and ready.

The article I read talked about a lady who worked at uploading designs for about a year and a half.  Now she makes enough money to pay her mortgage every month.  How awesome is that?  Of course she uploaded over 2500 designs and sometimes worked up to 16 hours a day.  I don’t know if I could do that.

So the following day I logged into cafe press and was surprised to see that I had 2 sales.  Exciting.  It motivated me to come up with more designs. I’ve had my store open for about 6 days now and have had 5 sales now.  I strongly encourage graphic designers to look into

You can visit my store at

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2 Responses to shirts, tees, and cafe press

  1. Some pretty cool designs there!

    Nice post! 🙂

    • ambroselerma says:

      Thanks! It really means a lot to get some good feedback. I’ve just started and I’m now addicted. I like your site too. I used to play a lot of poker but ever since the government came in and ruined online poker I have not played as much as I want to. I will come up with some poker designs too. Great articles, I’ll visit back again to read up.

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