Prepping Pixel Pusher and more Cafe Press Tees Designs

Now I am caught up in Cafe Press mania.  I’ve been making at least one sale a day through the Cafe Press Market place. The challenge is making sales through my actual shop.  I’ve bought the domain to my upcoming website where I will house my shop and this blog as well.

I’ve been trying to come up with designs just about every day. I have so many ideas for so many different types of designs and it’s crazy.  I’ve read the forums at Cafe Press to see if I can find some ideas on how to market my shop better but I didn’t really find much.  I guess nobody wants to give away the secrets to their success.  It’s just exciting to know that people like some of my designs enough to purchase them and wear them.  I think that’s quite an honor.

Tomorrow I’m off to visit my girlfriend and promote my other website Drink  There is another run of promotions we have planned to raise traffic and awareness of the site.  The site is a bi weekly entertainment based online magazine.  It’s been a huge challenge to keep it running and an even bigger challenge to bring in revenue.  In time I think things will work out great.

Here are my latest Cafe Press designs. Please visit and if you like something enough, buy it!  I have yet to make a sale through my shop. Thanks!

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