Selling Magazine Ads, hooray

Last time I talked a little about what it took to start up a magazine and let me tell you it’s a lot harder than it sounds (if that didn’t sound hard enough).

What is the thing you need to be able to print your magazine?  That thing that you need to be able to pay your staff?  What’s that thing that makes going into business a little sweeter?  Money! yes, it sucks.  You need to sell ads in order to print a magazine don’t you?  Unless you plan on pumping in your life savings, which I would not advise.

It seems we’ve started selling ads at a bad time.  Most businesses are doing their taxes right now.  They have to pay taxes, do the W2’s for their employees, and all of a sudden they do not feel like writing more checks.  I can’t blame them.

So what do you do? What do I do?  I keep trying.  Somewhere out there there is somebody that needs your ad?  Why do they need your ad?  Good question.  The truth is they don’t need your ad but you have to convince them that they do.  I’m not sure where to get this voodoo Hogwarts magic but I need some and I need some fast.

My first two days have been a little discouraging but I have yet to get a “no” .  I’ve gotten a lot of interest. Our magazine is an entertainment magazine that explores the city of Laredo and what goes on in town.  I guess that sounds pretty generic but I’m not trying to sell you so I’ll save my pitch.

I’m finding out things we did do right with our pricing and packaging.  We’ve created value in ways no other competitor offers. If you create value in what you’re selling then people will see it.  People also find value in different things so explore different ways to instill value in what you offer.

Today is day 3 with about 21 days left till we go to print.  I feel a little bit better and more motivated.  My wonderful girlfriend helps a lot with that.  So having good support on those days when you feel a little defeated will pick you up, dust you off, and prepare you for the next day to do battle.

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