More magazine tips.

Lately I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to post anything up here.  I’m at the tail end of getting the magazine published. We are about to send it off to print real soon.

Things I’ve learned 2.0 ( don’t remember what I posted last time so if some of these repeat, oops)

1.  Business owners are less likely to place an ad because you don’t have a sample of what your magazine is about.  A lot of the business owners I’ve talked to like the idea and concept of my magazine but want to wait till the 2nd issue to jump on board.

2.  Appointments.  When you drop by a business for the first time they usually don’t make a decision right then and there to place an ad.  They need time to review your information or discuss it with their partner or even spouse.  So it is important to schedule an appointment for when you can come back and review things with them.  This way they are expecting your return and make it a point to review the information by the time you meet again.

3.  If you have an inexperienced person you are training as a sales person tell them to sit back and observe. We made the mistake of allowing ours to speak and it may have cost us a few ads.  It’s better for them to sit back and observe.

4.  Sell your dream.  Be enthusiastic about your product. Have some passion.  People feed off of your energy and if you are real excited about what you are selling then it gets them excited.

5.  Create a buzz. Your magazine is unheard of because it’s brand new.  Find a way to create some buzz.  Use facebook, twitter, and youtube.  Sometimes you can get lucky and something buzz worthy happens in your town.  Use that event and find a creative way to get yourself some buzz.  In our town we had a woman post a youtube video which basically bashed the town in a racist way.  The video made the news and even the mayor went on tv with a response to the video.  It had gone viral.   We made a funny parody of this video and plugged in our website and company name.  Our website hits spiked and we had over 11,000 views in just a couple of days.

It’s been extremely hard getting out our first issue.  I’ve designed the magazine and have put countless of hours of work into this.  I’ve gone out and have done sales and have organized our writers.  I can’t wait to finally publish our premier issue and for a brief minute, breathe easily with a sense of accomplishment.  I hope all of your endeavors go your way and remember never to give up on your dreams.

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