Postcard Flyers

Postcards.  They seem to be everywhere and have become a staple of any business’s marketing efforts.  I see them at restaurants, at the local coffee shop, and stuck to my windshield.  Recently I was hired to create a postcard design for a local yogurt shop and it wasn’t till then that I gave this medium more thought.

The Pitfalls of Postcards
Too often I see poorly designed postcard advertisements.  What makes them bad?  Here’s a handy dandy list:

  1. Pixelated photos.  Ok, if you’re a graphic designer rule #1 of Design Club is that you do not have pixelated ANYTHING on any designs.
  2. Too much information soooo little space.  Part of the challenge in any design is making everything flow.  When a client gives you tons of information to place on a postcard advert it is your job to get their message across in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.  Spare the details and stick to the points.  Also see rule #1.
  3. Fonts and badonka donks. This goes with basic design rules but if you see 5 different fonts being used chances are the design will not look very nice.  You must put thought into the fonts you use.  If their logo uses a certain kind of font you may want to use that on some of the design.  You don’t have to have a word sized up 3 inches just to make a point.  You can use headline fonts that stand out more.  Use your space wisely.
  4. Space.  Sometimes you may have a lot of info to convey but make good use of your space. Balance out your negative spaces, negative space is not your enemy.
  5. Photos can speak 1000 words.  Depending on what you’re advertising, sometimes a good photo can do all of the selling for you.  Yes, it’s your job to make the advertisement look good so make sure you use everything that is available to you.

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I hope that this has been helpful and entertaining.  If you follow basic design rules you should have no problems in creating a tasteful postcard.  Always listen to your clients carefully as they can give you important clues to creating a successful design for them.

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