Brochures: Thoughts

My newest client has hired me to design a multi-page brochure.  When the project was described to me I imagined a simple brochure but after meeting with them it turned out that this project is more complicated.  The project has me excited as I’ve told them my vision for the project and that has excited them more.

Begin with an idea and build on it.  I think it’s important to listen to your client carefully and test the waters with them early.  For me my idea to implement the theme in the brochure seemed a little risky.  My first thought was that they might have wanted a typical corporate design, which to me is boring.

My first thought about brochures is that they are boring. Most of the designs I’ve seen have not caught me eye.  It’s a challenge in any design to capture the viewer’s attention and even more of a challenge to keep that attention.  In the matters of brochure design you must effectively guide the viewer to the appropriate information from beginning to end.

Don’t just stick to the norm.  In the modern world almost everything is integrated with something else.  Print refers you to a website, facebook, a phone #, address, and to every other media out there.  Integrate whatever you can into any medium.

It’s important as a designer to keep your creativity, after all you got into this business because you want to do what you love right?  Always tell clients your ideas no matter how crazy they  might seem, who knows, maybe your clients are just as crazy as you.  Always listen first and then go crazy.

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