Life is about journeys and people.  My name, if you haven’t guess is Ambrose Lerma Jr.  I am a co-owner of a small web and graphic design studio based in Laredo, TX.  I was inspired to create this blog from reading other blogs.  It occurred to me that if the bloggers I have become a fan of did not share with the world what they do I would not have progressed my own graphic design skills nor would my mind have been open to the countless gems of inspiration that I have drawn from them.  I consider myself to be a freshman when it comes to graphic design and I hope to share my progress as well as share the knowledge I learn with those who come to visit my page.

A little more about myself.  I am an artist who loves to paint among other mediums.  I have a background in music as well and can play guitar, drums, sing, as well as write my own music.  I have lived in just about every major city in Texas and love that each city has it’s own personality.  I welcome you and hope you can take away something with you from this blog. Thanks!


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