Cafe Press: Organization

Soooo…. After 9 days of being on Cafe Press I have a total of about 300.00 in sales with 10% commission I’m at about 30.00 in my pocket.  Not that much dinero, I know, but I really have no basis to compare with. I don’t know if that’s a bad or a good start but I am taking it as a good one. After all I could be at 9 days with no sales.

After looking through my shop I realized that I have a lot of the same themed designs.  I finally figured out how to use the sections, which are like folders on Windows, so that I could better organize my stuff.  It’s just taking forever.  I’ve spent a couple of hours just organizing stuff and I’m not even done yet.  I keep thinking I could have used that time to come up with some more designs but I know in the long run its better to organize the shop now while I have less designs.

My gf has a half daschund breed doggy and so today I was inspired to do a daschund design.  I gave it a Von Dutch styled look.  I wonder how many weenie dog fans are out there.  Speaking of which I have to go get my gf’s dog a christmas gift. I’ve never shopped for a dog before. Oh well.

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Prepping Pixel Pusher and more Cafe Press Tees Designs

Now I am caught up in Cafe Press mania.  I’ve been making at least one sale a day through the Cafe Press Market place. The challenge is making sales through my actual shop.  I’ve bought the domain to my upcoming website where I will house my shop and this blog as well.

I’ve been trying to come up with designs just about every day. I have so many ideas for so many different types of designs and it’s crazy.  I’ve read the forums at Cafe Press to see if I can find some ideas on how to market my shop better but I didn’t really find much.  I guess nobody wants to give away the secrets to their success.  It’s just exciting to know that people like some of my designs enough to purchase them and wear them.  I think that’s quite an honor.

Tomorrow I’m off to visit my girlfriend and promote my other website Drink  There is another run of promotions we have planned to raise traffic and awareness of the site.  The site is a bi weekly entertainment based online magazine.  It’s been a huge challenge to keep it running and an even bigger challenge to bring in revenue.  In time I think things will work out great.

Here are my latest Cafe Press designs. Please visit and if you like something enough, buy it!  I have yet to make a sale through my shop. Thanks!

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shirts, tees, and cafe press

Sooooo…. I recently read an article on yahoo about how to make a little extra money during the holidays.  It had some tips I’ve read before such as and ebay but it mentioned a site that allowed you to create designs and sell shirts and other products through their site.  The site is of course

I was excited about the idea.  I mean I am studying graphic design and I am an artist.  I have digital designs already so I figured why not start with that.  I logged into cafe press and uploaded a few designs.  I also created a couple of designs just for fun.  By the end of the night I had 5 designs up and ready.

The article I read talked about a lady who worked at uploading designs for about a year and a half.  Now she makes enough money to pay her mortgage every month.  How awesome is that?  Of course she uploaded over 2500 designs and sometimes worked up to 16 hours a day.  I don’t know if I could do that.

So the following day I logged into cafe press and was surprised to see that I had 2 sales.  Exciting.  It motivated me to come up with more designs. I’ve had my store open for about 6 days now and have had 5 sales now.  I strongly encourage graphic designers to look into

You can visit my store at

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Paris, wish You were here.

Sooo.. seeing how Im taking photoshop and illustrator classes I thought I should post up some of my designs that I’ve done for class.  I’ll start with my photoshop class.  For this assignment we had to design 2 post cards.  We could choose any destination we wanted so I chose Paris.   Paris is the city of lights and I chose 2 landmarks,the Effiel Tower and the Arc de Triumph, to base my designs on.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The designs aren’t all too complicated. Just a few different types of blending modes,filters, and clipping masks.  Hope you enjoy.

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How it Begins

Falling back into this place.  on my bed surrounded by pillows.  A good night barely left my lips.  I don’t know how things start and they can be amazing and random at the same time.  I don’t know where things go but I’ll never know until I follow the road.

Falling back into this place.  Detailing the way you talk. Your voice as sweet as honey, cliche I know, but you make things funny.    Wanting more I’ve heard before and it’s a two way street. I close my eyes thinking you’ve come to steal my thoughts.  They belong to you and that’s where they go gravitating to whatever it is that you do.

Falling back into this place.  So familiar and yet so new.  Falling where?  Who knows? Who cares? The future one can never see.   Time slips away without notice and hours pass in a blink of an eye.  I’m thinking, I’m writing. This is how it all begins.

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So our recently launched website has received positive reviews.   It’s been so much work keeping everything updated and with it has come a never ending string of updates and things to do.  Nobody has told us how to run a web publication but we are really good at research and promotion.

San Antonio is ok and I haven’t really gone out yet which is completely opposite of the life I had in Laredo.  There is so much to do yet I haven’t done anything and it’s a shame.  I’m trying to find inspirations for everything.  I want to create and now I have to really divide my time with my current projects.

I’ve decided to work on a project that I will put up for sale on as soon as I complete it.  I’m a graphic designer and still attending classes.  The inspiration for my project comes from pixels.  Being a pixel pusher I figured why not take the title literally.  I’m starting out with 1″x 1″ poplar and sawing them at different heights.  Half way through sawing I realized that I should have gone with a bigger size as it will take 144 pieces to make something that is 1ftx1ft.  Sooo… I need to find a solution.   Either way the project will take me a few weeks to complete and I will post up a picture as soon as I can.

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So thirsty

I have neglected this blog like an unwanted child but not because I don’t love it.  Recently my company along with the co-founder, started a huge project that took a whole lot of time to make.  We finally launched the website  and can not breathe a little.  At least for a day or two.  It’ll require a lot more effort and time to make this project a bonafide success.  I will start blogging more now that I have a little more free time.

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